man I really hate that Kung Fu Panda is constantly lumped in on Tumblr as being part of Dreamworks’ ‘bad crop’

like these comparison posts are always like “ROTG/HTTYD are REAL movies not like shit like Kung Fu Panda and Shrek you guys should take Dreamworks seriously it’s not all bad like that”

No guys come on, Kung Fu Panda is gorgeous stylistically, the animation is incredible, the CHOREOGRAPHY jesus christ some of those fight scenes, the dialogue is clever and snappy, the story is cool, the voice acting is stellar (Dustin Hoffman marry me ok), and it has a REALLY IMPORTANT RELEVANT AND BRILLIANTLY PORTRAYED MESSAGE ABOUT SELF WORTH AND SELF ACCEPTANCE. Like I’m not saying HTTYD/ROTG don’t have any of that, I love those movies too! (or I love HTTYD I haven’t seen ROTG but it looks really good okay) But really this one gets bagged out a lot for having none of the above and it’s like whaaaat

I seriously think that it gets a really bad rap for having been heavily marketed and the fact that all the promo material has a bad case of Dreamworks face; I would be actively surprised if people bagging it out as a second rate movie have actually taken the time to watch it. I would definitely rate it as one of the best animated movies I have seen in a LONG FRIGGIN TIME

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    I fucking love Kung Fu Panda one and two and Shrek is awesome don’t you people dare hate on them just because you guys...
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    Just leavin’ this here. One thing that I really liked, even though it was really small was that Mr. Ping comments how Po...
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    That, and Dreamworks had to REMAKE THE SKELETONS because their old ones couldn’t handle Kung Fu.
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    people actually do this? Have they even seen the sequel????
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    oh I loved Kung Fu Panda, and it makes me sad when people clump it with the not-so-great DW movies. I’m glad I’m not the...
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