Some headcanon blabber for my askblog; please feel free to ignore <3!

A large chunk of my pre-incident/pre-Sgrub Kankri headcanons were developed after reading What Your Schoolfeeding Never Told You About Culling, which is a really good and well written insight into how culling may have affected the way Kankri viewed Beforan society. I loved that take on it, that his behaviour and also potentially the way he reacts to Porrim’s tendency to coddle him could have been a result of his culling as a child. I especially love the idea of how that would clash so fiercely with the way my headcanon Mituna views his culling; initially upsetting, but something he’s grown to accept and even appreciate. I see these two taking a LOT of offense to each other, working its way into flat hate on either side when you factor in confused feelings regarding Latula and their own personal differences. I think they’ve got a lot of the makings of a really strong kismesistude tbh? in terms of one being a snotty little princess and the other being a cocky little brat.

With regards to Kankri’s celibacy, I haven’t ignored that I swear! My thoughts are that, as a character who’s really kind of rebellious in his own way, he would have had a fling here or there before he came to the conclusion that he has no interest in pursuing a relationship with anyone. His interest in Latula at least suggests that there are deeper feelings at work than “nope don’t want it”. So in not so many words; this is a phase for him, I guess?

idk i fully see myself losing followers for this one but I like it a lot so I’ma keep shipping it thx ok sorry if you disagree!

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